It is simply the vibration of light energy

Color is the most instantaneous non-verbal method of conveying messages and meanings.

We respond emotionally and physically to color. Much of our reaction to color is subliminal, and we are usually not aware of the persuasive effects of color. The psychological effect of color is instantaneous.

The colors we see are directly linked by what we feel. From early infancy when our eyes were first seeing color, we start to form feelings associated when them. This association carries throughout our adult life. Some experts believe that humans have an an "ancient wisdom" that has developed through evolutionary history and that we have an associative memory concerning space, form, patterns and colors.

Childhood memories are involved with color that they are permanently stamped on our psyches. We may remember the colors associate with a specific event, but the tape recorders in our head is always on, and we will respond to specific colors in a positive or negative way. Color is also a great way to be outrageous.

Unique or "new" color combinations create instant attention. Iridenscence and metallic finishes are especially attention getting as the eye is fascinated by multi-colored effects.